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    Last Mile Delivery Service

    Hands on a package

    You deserve a great delivery experience. You want your favorite products delivered to you fast, with free shipping and no hassles.

    We help leading and emerging internet retailers get you what you want. Whether we’re delivering your meal kits to help you quickly prepare dinner, or helping you avoid a last-minute trip to the store, our goal is to give you more time for what’s important by delivering your favorite products to you — fast.

    Connecting You to the Products You Need

    LaserShip? operates within the largest and fastest growing metro areas in the eastern United States. Our 60+ operational facilities and four sorting hubs are staffed by people who take pride in supporting you with consistent performance, and are excited to be a part of the newly-emerging and sophisticated logistics economy. LaserShip parcels are brought to you by people with a passion for improving the delivery experience. Many have made a career as delivery professionals, others may deliver as a supplemental job, and some are gig-economy millennials delivering parcels throughout their busy schedules. Together, we’re able to deliver packages to you faster than national carriers.

    Customer receiving a package

    The Future of Last Mile Logistics

    Mother and Daughter

    We’re developing a social platform that will allow you to select the date, time and location for your deliveries. Soon, you’ll be able to rate your delivery experience — as popular ride services allow — and even send special instructions to your driver. We know that on your hectic days, time is precious, and we’re excited to continue developing customizable features for our platform, enabling us to be there when and where you need us.

    SINCE 1986




    Consumers Reached


    Deliveries Completed


    Cups of Coffee

    Contact us

    Have a question about your package? Please fill out this form and a LaserShip representative will contact you as soon as possible.

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